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Digital Billboards
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A vibrant, attention-grabbing media used to reach your audience with timely, relevant messages.

30-Sheet Poster

30-Sheets, commonly referred to as posters, are sold in packages called showings. Posters provide coverage of the marketplace building reach and frequency quickly through the synergy of multiple locations.


Bulletins deliver larger-than-life, high-impact messages. They build reach and frequency on a consistent, persistent basis.

Junior Poster

8-Sheets, commonly referred to as junior posters, are located chiefly in commercial, neighborhood business districts and industrial areas. Junior posters deliver exposure to residents, commuter, and pedestrian traffic. They provide coverage in some areas where the larger formats may not be permitted.

Bulletin advertisement

The largest of the various billboard options are the Bulletins. They are generally located adjacent to major highways, expressways, or principle arteries within cities and towns. Bulletins provide great impact due to their larger than life imagery and build effective reach and frequency when used as part of a consistent program. Additionally, they allow for customization, with extensions and embellishments, which often makes a board truly memorable.

Key-Ads offers bulletins in two types of programs; each for a specific purpose:

PERMANENT Bulletins:

Permanent bulletins provide dominant coverage in high traffic, fixed locations. They remain stationary and do not move throughout the life of the contract. In addition to offering great awareness, these boards are ideal for directional or geo-demographic targeting. Permanent boards are priced individually, predicated on location and audience delivery. Contract periods range from 6 months to three years.

ROTARY Bulletins:

Rotary bulletins are primarily located on major arteries throughout the city. In addition to providing the larger than life imagery, they offer broader market coverage because they are moved to different pre-approved locations every 60 days. To be effective, a multi-month contract of 6–12 months is recommended.

30-Sheet Poster adverisement
30-Sheet Poster

30-Sheet Posters are the mid-size board of the three standard formats. They provide coverage and extended market reach because they remain up for 30 days. They can be used for general market coverage or for targeting specific geographic or demographic audiences. Key-Ads Posters are generally illuminated 24 hours a day and are single-faced within the Dayton area.

Junior poster advertisement
Junior Poster

8-Sheet Junior Posters are the smallest of the three standard outdoor formats. Junior Posters boast the lowest cost per thousand of the three standard outdoor formats. They provide great exposure on main arteries in commercial and industrial areas. They can be purchased in a standard monthly showing or in a rotary program, which rotates locations every ninety days to ensure maximum market penetration. Additionally, they can be targeted to accomplish specific goals, i.e. specific store coverage, targeting ethnic audiences, or focus on selected demographic areas.