8-Sheet Jr.Poster Key-Ads

8-Sheet Jr. Posters

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8-Sheet Jr. Posters

Key Ads Junior Poster Ad8-sheet Jr. posters provide great exposure on main arteries in commercial and industrial areas to both consumer traffic and commercial vehicles. They provide additional awareness in areas where pedestrian traffic is high often in those areas where the larger posters are prohibited.

They can be purchased in a standard monthly showing or in a rotary program which rotates locations every sixty days to ensure maximum market penetration. Additionally, they can be targeted to accomplish specific goals, i.e. specific store coverage, targeting ethnic audiences, or focus on selected demographic areas.

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These 6’ (h) by 12′ (w), 8-sheet junior posters provide the lowest cost per thousand impressions among all of the standard outdoor formats. Key-Ads offers two different 8-sheet junior poster programs.


Key-Ads offers 8-sheet junior posters in GRP showings of #25, #50, #75, or #100.  GRP showings are based on the percentage of market penetration and have a contract range of 2–12 months.


In this program, Key-Ads supplies a balanced showing of twenty panels in the Dayton market every month, rotating locations every sixty days.  The showing not only covers the city of Dayton, but reaches into surrounding communities and suburban areas at the same time.  The communities and suburbs include Englewood, Trotwood, Huber Heights, New Carlisle, Fairborn, Beavercreek, Xenia, Kettering, Oakwood, Miamisburg, Brookville, Vandalia, Troy, Tipp City, Richmond, Springfield, and all points in between.

The key to the effectiveness of this program is the rotation of locations. The program delivers market reach quickly with the initial posting, but then continues to build that reach over the course of the year by reaching different market segments with each rotation.  Rotating the locations also keeps your message fresh.  Changing the design can also prevent awareness decay.

On average, the Key-Ads Twenty Panel Rotary Program delivers 150,000 18+ exposures a day! Over the course of a month, the frequency created by the synergism of all the boards delivers a low, $0.57 cost per thousand!