Key-Ads About


Key-Ads, Inc. operates in 20+ counties covering the Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and Lima DMA’s. Our locations span 3 states: Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. The core of our business is in the Greater Dayton area encompassing Piqua (north) to Middletown (south) and Richmond, IN (west) to Springfield (east). We have also built strategic boards in cities along the I-75 corridor to service advertisers who want to reach the small to mid-sized markets.

Key-Ads offers a variety of out-of-home options to suit your marketing needs:

  • Digital structures on I-75 north, I-75 south and our original Gateway structure on SR 35 just east of Steve Whalen Blvd.
  • Tri-Vision boards in 3 sizes
  • Rotary and Permanent Bulletins
  • 30-Sheet Posters
  • 8-Sheet Jr. Posters

Select locations were also acquired in Ross County, OH, Jay County, IN and Fayette County, KY.

We have over 55 years of experience in creating out-of-home buys to meet your advertising needs.